Audit Representation

The Tax Code is a complicated document that is confusing to many taxpayers, and often as a consequence some taxpayers may inadvertently commit an error on their tax returns. Other times a taxpayer intentionally makes an incorrect entry on a return in an attempt to skirt full tax liability. Regardless of the reason for the error, it is the IRS’s duty to administer the U.S tax code as enacted by Congress and to ensure compliance among taxpayers with impartiality toward the government and the taxpayer. Mistakes may cause the IRS to deem that a tax return requires further investigation. In such cases, the IRS may initiate an audit examination, which is a review of a business’s or individual’s accounts and financial information to ensure that the taxpayer is reporting its information correctly and accurately. Returns are also selected for examination randomly or through a process using complex computer algorithms designed to maximize audit revenues.

IRS audits can be time-consuming and Stressful for tax payers.

If you’ve been faced with audits, Fred Tax Service’s goal for the taxpayers is to resolve the dispute efficiently and quickly, without resorting to delay tactics that would taint their relationship with the IRS audit agent or increase the agent’s suspicion and scrutiny of sensitive issues that could generate additional tax deficiencies or penalties.